How about spending a day without your cell phone?

How about spending a day without your cell phone?

Impossible & Scarry? OR Manageable & No big deal?

In recent times, Smartphones have become an integral part of our lives. It is so difficult to even imagine an hour without the phone, often experienced when the battery is dead. It looks like you are thirsty but deprived of water. Ever imagined if you are deprived of your phone for one entire day. What all do you think you would miss during this time.


 Do you think – it’s Impossible and terrifies you to live without your phone for a day?

How about spending a day without your cell phone

Most of us would undergo an awkward feeling, as we have been so much addicted to our phones, that right from the moment we wake up from bed in the morning, the first thing we want to have in our hands is this little gadget.

There would be no social media connections, you will not be able to have a conversation (text or voice) with your friends whom you greet and connect daily and at any time.

There would be utter silence in your life when you won’t hear your phone ringers or notifications, at frequent intervals, or have conversations with the people far away from you. The world would start to become a bigger place to live in and time would seem still and passing by slow.

Knowledge and information that was just one click away would seem miles apart. Online chats, shopping, payments, entertainment, music, videos, sharing pictures, your daily updates, etc that made our lives super easy would all be gone.

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How about spending a day without your cell phone
How about spending a day without your cell phone?

All the chores that we perform using our little handpiece are a great time-saver,

without which we would need more time and effort to complete a given task.

A simple example would be paying off your electricity bill online through

your smartphone versus after getting the physical cash from the bank, ATMs,

etc., then paying the same traveling to the electricity payment center.

 Do you think – It’s no big deal for you and is quite manageable to live without a phone for a few hours or a day!

For some people like me, Life would seem too tough without a phone for a day. But, for a few others,

it would not be that bad. They might feel that their day could be more productive. It would be a great

start for them to know if they are addicted or distracted because of their phones. The habit of checking

your phone every 10 mins or less, hinders productivity and causes distraction. It might give them a

way to be more focused on their tasks while working and quickly complete them.

Another benefit you would have been, you will be compelled to interact with real people around you.

Thus, gain confidence to have f2f conversations which otherwise remain more virtual. It would help

you become more social and also spend time with your family that forms an important part of your life,

but we happen to unknowingly ignore them.

How about spending a day without your cell phone?

You would have time for yourself. If you are a person who is not very social but incredibly creative. You would have a slot empty to explore your creativity may it be painting, writing, reading, singing, dancing, or just admiring the beauty of nature with yourself.

 To wrap it up!

The major population of the world is aware and using this little wonder gadget. To conclude, there are pros and cons of every technology. If used wisely Smartphones can boost productivity and save ample time.

Assigning priority to the tasks increases your efficiency and productivity. Life is good to go when you give time to your important tasks, friends, social life, health, and fitness, all in required proportions without neglecting or overdoing any of them.

 Using your Smartphones smartly is the key!!

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