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If we talk about art, art is a skill, technique, or talent of living a meaningful life. Living a meaningful life also needs the skill to make our Life easy and stress-free. Our Life is full of problems in the modern world, and everybody is running behind their goals. Busy schedules and lifestyles made us assume that the real world keeps human nature stressed, insomniac, and toxicated. By this, we all forgot ourselves, our inner soul, and hidden depths within ourselves.

The fact is that the universe exists in each of us, but only if we experience it with the body and mind. We will feel that the universe is always here and now, never elsewhere, by observing ourselves. Whatever we experience in Life is encountered through the six gates of perception, the five bodily senses, and our mind. This article is truly motivated by Siddhartha Gotama Budha, and he teaches how to experience the actual truth.

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We nearly forgot the self-statement things; we have become very selective in our view of ourselves. Everyone has a mental image of themselves, which leads us to minimize defects and exclude some other side of our character. Living a peaceful life means finding inner peace instead of collecting wealth and facilities. Mental strength plays an important role in our Life because if we are mentally weak, our Life will be painful even we have no real wounds on our bodies.

Our Life will become more happy and fruitful if we look into our hidden depths, but it is not easy to find ourselves. First, we need to understand what we want from our Life. who can only do this through the process of Meditation? Every human being seeks harmony and peaceful Life, but it’s lacking in our lives. The basic problem of everyone’s Life is their unsatisfactory nature. We get those things that we don’t want, and things we want do not happen.

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We have lost the freedom in our Life and self-observation. By observing ourselves, we can recognize the inner tensions that keep us flustered, upset, and afflicted, and these can be removed. At the same time, our relationship with others will become peaceful once we eliminate the negativity from our pure minds. This all can be possible through Meditation. If our mind is upset and stressed, it would physically lead to various diseases in our bodies.

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By Meditation, our mind will become pure fresh, and calm; this disease will disappear. Meditation is beneficial in the purification of our minds. What do we want from our Life? If this question sticks in your mind, you will think of a happy and healthy life, but how is it possible? this can be done through Meditation, when you will bring the positivity within your mind and remove the negativity. Only the purity remains, and it will lead you to live your Life happily and will bring the desired state of fitness.

The human mind always reacts with likes and dislikes. As soon as something we receive in our mind, it reacts with the data received and becomes satisfying and unsatisfying. When the people of the world are happy and satisfied, the world becomes peaceful if each of us learns how to be peaceful, so practice developing the peace in your mind, then only you can solve the problem of your Life. Meditation will help you bring peace and positivity to your Life.

***** Art of living quotes  | Benefits of Meditation *****

  • Meditation will help you stress and anxiety relief.
  • Meditation will help you in fixing your negativity.
  • It will inspire you towards finding the depth within yourself.
  • Meditation offers you many health benefits; it regulates your blood pressure and heart rate
  • It will help you in developing spirituality.
  • This will help you find yourself and increase positive feelings in your mind.
  • Meditation will help you improve your memory status, which will be beneficial in age-related dementia.
  • It will help you avoid bad habits in your Lifelike smoking and drinking.
  • That will lead you to sleep Quality.
  • Meditation helps in maintaining the habit of forgiveness and kindness.
  • It doesn’t require any equipment or space.
  • Meditation will strengthen your emotional and mental health.
  • Meditation aims to create the perfect atmosphere and keep peace and positivity in our minds.

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Meditation includes mantras and chanting, and it does not have to be silent. All you can say is Meditation is an exercise of the mind to improve focus and measures of your own Life. Yoga also helps in developing spirituality and your mental health.

Short-time mediation is also helpful and has benefits; it does not require too long. Mind is like a kid or toddler, and it will do what it wants to do.The only way to work with your mind you must redirect it towards some positive activity.

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Meditation is not just a breathing practice. It is an awareness practice. Meditation will help you better understand your internal self and become more devoted and discreet. Through Meditation, we can control our emotions, anger, and sadness.

Meditation is not a religious methodology; every person from different religions can practice it to prosper in Life because it’s a life strategy and will help you feel connected with the world you live in.It is already proven that long-term meditation practitioners are more expert in dealing with drawbacks and living a happy life. Emancipation is get-at-able.

Anyone may gain comfort from whole conditioning, real suffering. A person is liberated, not by just superb conditioning but due to the purity of mind. If you want to experience the ultimate reality of emancipation, it is imperative to penetrate beyond apparent fact and after experiencing the separation regarding body then mind.


After all, intellectual negativity is the main cause of suffering in the world. When the mind of each human being becomes Pure, the endless extent of lifestyles opens, and we do revel in or share with others the real happiness, right thoughts, right understandings.