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How to play Minecraft | What is Minecraft?

How to play Minecraft:- Minecraft is a creative game that is played offline mostly. Which is a solo mode in which you can’t play with your friends. However, you can play the online version of Minecraft which is known as Minecraft SMP.

It’s a private server which normally any person can host and invite players to play here in this way you can play with your friends and other players in Minecraft.

How to play Minecraft?

At first glance, the game looks difficult to play and understand but it’s more fun than you think.

After learning about Minecraft and playing for a couple of hours you might get addicted to it.

Minecraft is about exploration and creativity. Here players explore the Minecraft world,

collect resources, combat with mobs, build farms, houses, etc. There are a lot of creative

things Minecraft players have come up with over the years whether it’s about increasing

EXP or creating an unlimited source of something valuable like steel, gold, etc.

To learn about a resource or any Minecraft-related object or mob you can refer to their

documentation available on their official website. Here in this article, we will give you

some information about these mobs and Minecraft resources. Minecraft has a well-detailed description of Minecraft-related objects, farms, etc.

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Or you can directly refer to YouTube videos of various creators. Minecraft is a

very popular game and many gamers of YouTube play and stream gameplay videos of Minecraft.

If you are a newbie in Minecraft and don’t know where to start or what to do

first when you start playing Minecraft, the best thing to do is to look for steel,

wood, and wool. Wood and wool will help you create a bed for you and let you sleep.

It’s the best way to start as a newbie because the mob spawning rate increases at night because of darkness.

And if you stay awake at night to collect materials you might get killed by a mob. One thing to know about

Minecraft is that you will find more mobs in darkness than in a place where there is a reach of sunlight.

Best way to protect yourself from Mobs

The bed will help you sleep at night and you will be able to easily hear about these

mobs which were spawns at night time. The iron is the cheapest and the best material

of Minecraft for a starter according to me because you can more easily find an iron

block in Minecraft than diamond or other material which you can use to craft a weapon for you.

Once you have sufficient iron you can now easily craft weapons and harvesting tools for yourself.

The next thing to do after getting iron is to get wood because wood and iron both are required to make tools and swords. Go in the book and search for the recipe of the tool you want to craft and place them accordingly on the crafting table.

Now what is a crafting table and how would I get that? Getting a crafting table in Minecraft is very easy, you just need some wood which you can get by cutting trees.

Cutting trees in Minecraft in the simplest case does not require any weapon. You can just use your hands to do that. Just stand near a tree you want to get woods from and press and hold at the trunk part of the tree and you will be able to get the woods from the tree.

Now you have woods you can easily create a crafting table. Crafting tables will help you in creating other tables and other useful things you might need in the future. After getting a crafting table, craft iron tools, and weapons because they have the best damage and are easy to make. After getting equipped with tools and weapons you can start exploring more.

Mobs in Minecraft

In our previous sections, we have talked about mobs and how they spawn. Mobs in Minecraft are like monsters that try to kill you. There are many mobs in Minecraft like spiders, skeletons, zombies, etc.

Each mob attacks in a different way and they also give you useful materials. Some materials can only be found by attacking these mobs. These mobs become powerful at night. So it is better to have some powerful weapons with you if you are thinking of hunting for resources at night. 

Below are some pictures of mobs in Minecraft.

Skeleton:- Skeletons in Minecraft are equipped with bows and arrows. They have the ability to spawn in light/bright and dark places.

How to play Minecraft

Resources you might killing a Skeleton:-
  • 0-2 bones
  • 0-2 arrow 
  • A bow (optional)

Wither Skeleton:- These mobs also have the same appearance but their commonplace of spawning is very different and also wither skeleton have different color i.e, black.

These skeletons are rare to be found. They are found mostly in the Nether world of Minecraft which is considered more dangerous. These mobs are found near the Nether fortress. They are equipped with stone swords unlike skeletons found in the overworld (Overworld is the place where you spawn at the start). 

How to play Minecraft

How to play Minecraft

Resources you might get killing a Wither Skeleton:-
  • Coal
  • Bone
  • A Stone Sword
  • Wither Skeleton Head(1 in 50 chances).

Zombies:- Zombies in Minecraft don’t have a weapon to fight with. They use their bare hands as their weapon.

How to play Minecraft

Resources you can get killing a Zombie:-
  • Iron Ingot
  • Rotten Flesh
  • Potato
  • Zombie Head (when killed by a charged creeper)

Creeper:- These mobs are found in both dark as well as light areas. They explode if you stay longer near them. They get charged before they explode near you.

How to play Minecraft

Resources you can get killing a Creeper:-
  • 5  EXP.
  • 0-2 Gunpowder.
  • One Creeper Head(When killed by a charged creeper)

Different MODS of Minecraft.


ChatBubble Mod

The Solar System Mod


Physics Mod

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