Save Environment Save Earth Drawing | Be Friendly to the Environment

Save Environment Save Earth Drawing, Be Friendly to the Environment

Do you guys know the importance of Earth’s planet, or can you imagine life without Earth? Our life is wholly dependent upon the resources and the other living creatures living with us.

Just imagine a life without these resources; is it possible anyway? Your answer will be “No.” Our life will be in the worst stage without these resources, or you can say No life on this planet earth.

Natural resources like Air, water, minerals, sunlight, trees, vegetation, and other animals are the primary internal parts of this planet earth. Nature always maintains a proper balance to manage these resources. Many causes affect our Earth and its balance.

An increase in the population is the first and most significant problem that affects the natural balance; humans rapidly damage resources. Just think, when there will be no fresh air, water, and food to eat, how would human beings survive if we keep spoiling our natural resources at the same speed.

Earth Origin and life on it

The other most significant problem is pollution, it will lead to no more fresh air to breathe, and we will suffer from various breathing-related diseases. Our life span is already decreased, if we compare it with the ancient people our recent generation getting a life span of 50-60 years only. This is all because of pollution and population, and we are spoiling our life.

An increase in population and pollution will lead to the starvation stage for every living creature on the Earth. It won’t be easy to establish a sustainable future if these resources are consumed and spoiled at this rate. All our natural resources are getting extremely polluted; you can observe the change in climate on Earth. Glaciers are melting down fast, birds and animals are getting extinct, and the world is slowly approaching an end.


Natural resources on Earth are limited, and we are not adequately utilizing these resources. Our primary need is to save our nature and its environment that we are not taking care of. Nothing can be scarier than this. To save our lovely Earth, we must first understand that our life is not possible with these resources, and these are very limited. For the existence of human beings in nearby future, saving our Earth is the priority.

If you think it will take a few hours to save our Earth, you are wrong. It will take much more time. It’s our first responsibility to save the planet we live on, but we become more selfish and harm the natural balance instead of that.

Including all kinds of living creatures, we must understand our planet is the only place where life is possible with food, water, minerals, and Air to breathe. So, let’s not get selfish and sustainably use the resources.

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              ****    Save Environment Save Earth Drawing | Be Friendly to the Environment –Easy tasks to save our Earth ****

  1. We can install solar panels to save our electricity consumption. We can conserve water and keep the watershed protected.
  2. Say no to paper bills, and use online bills. Paper bills lead to cutting trees and using toxic chemicals for manufacturing stationery products.
  3. Follow 3 R’s ( reduce, recycle, reuse) you can follow this to save our nature.
  4. Buy re-usable carry bags instead of plastic bags.
  5. We can plant trees as much we can, say no to cut trees. Trees provide us with fruits and food to eat.
  6. Don’t throw chemicals into our water canals or resources. Choose non-toxic chemicals in your offices and premises and at home.
  7. Use Public transport instead of Car or Bike will save us from pollution.
  8. Use energy-efficient bulbs to reduce the emission of greenhouse gases.
  9. You can educate other people to understand the importance and value of our natural resources.