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What is Chatting?


Chatting is an online communication held between two parties or between a group of people. Chatting is an informal type of communication with an electronic medium in between parties. The word chat itself means communication between two or more people.

 Chat is only feasible when both the users have access to the internet at the same time. While chatting text or messages are exchanged between two or more people, a chat site acts as a repository for the users or group of people.

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Chatting Platform

Chatting platform is where a person or user can chat with single or multiple people online at the same time. The access type for some chatting platforms may differ from others.

Chatsoman :- Previously launched in 2012 as a chat site was relaunched in 2021 and it is one of the fastest growing chat services of 2021-2022. Visit Chatsoman.com to start using this chat site.

Features included:- Voice Chat, YouTube Video Search and Sharing, Emoji/GIF Sharing, Pic Sharing, Multi-Language Support, Option for Guest Login without registration, Multi-Font support,etc.

Hike Messenger:- Hike is also known as Hike Sticker Chat. It was first launched in 2012 by Mr. Kavin Bharti Mittal son of Sunil Bharti Mittal ( Chairperson of International Chamber of Commerce and Founder of Airtel) .

Features Included:-

  • Stickers(Larger library of stickers)
  • Hike Run(Measures the number of walking steps you take each day)
  •  News
  • Blue Packets(Money sending and receiving)
  • Hike Cricket and kabaddi (Updates on scores of Cricket and Kabaddi).

WhatsApp:- WhatsApp is a free messenger available for multiple platforms such as IOS and Android. To use WhatsApp on Windows and Linux, you have to use the WhatsApp Web feature of WhatsApp. Although the Windows version of WhatsApp is available, it still works the same as WhatsApp Web.

Features Included:- 

  • Text based messaging
  • Group Chat
  • Voice and Video Call
  • Photos and Videos Sharing
  • Voice Messages
  • Files/Document Sharing.
IRCD-Hybrid :- It is an IRC based online chat room where you are required to have an IRC client to connect to a chat room. It is Lightweight, high-performance internet relay chat daemon and one of the most used IRC chat rooms.

Types of Chat

IM (Instant Messaging):- Instant Messaging is a type of online, real-time communication held via a chat software or an online chat service provider  as a medium in between. IM is held over the internet, the features may include live voice chat or text based chat. Sometimes file sharing too.

IRC (Internet Relay Chat):- IRC is a cross-platform service that provides real-time communication by a network of online servers where the communication is held. It is a simple type of communication where there is a low quality interface and less features.

Web based:- Web based chat services are popular these days as it provides a very good interface and also has many features to provide. Chatsoman is one of the best examples for  web based chat communication. Web Based chat room works regardless of platforms as soon as you have access to a browser and  it supports various web languages like PHP, JS,HTML,etc.

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What Does Chat Mean?

Chat can be stated as an active activity held between two or more people where there’s an exchange of text/ voice/video based messages or communication between these people.Chat is an indirect way of communication between people that requires software as a medium to perform any type of communication. Talk and Chat are similar but not the same thing.

What is a chat room?

Chat Room as the name suggests it is an online room or a place where online chatting is done. The term room states that the communication might be held between large group of people and not just a peer to peer communication. 

Best Chat Etiquette

  • Keep it Simple and Sweet
  • Always chat in a positive tone
  • Avoid grammatical mistakes and spelling mistakes.
  • Starting a chat conversation with a friendly greeting is one of the best way to build connection
  • Find common interest
  • Be respectful and avoid hurtful words
  • Try to use humour in your conversation

Risk from Chatting

Some of the risks related to chatting online are:-

  • Cyber Bullying
  • Attack on Privacy
  • Personal Information Leak
  • Identity Theft
  • Online Stalking

This list could go on. But there’s always a way to avoid such incidents by taking common precautions and measures like avoiding sharing personal information online, avoiding getting in touch with a person with a bad personality,etc. Online chatting is not that bad BTW.

How to Chat Safely?

1.Don’t Blind Trust:- The common mistake many people make is, they blind trust the person after chatting with them for few days, avoid such mistakes. Make a boundary about what should be said and what should not be like sharing phone numbers etc.

2.Don’t Share Personal Info:- Another common mistake people make while chatting online is that they share some personal information that could uniquely identify you.

3.Do Analyse People:- This is one of the effective ways of making a good circle of friends. Always see to it that the person you are chatting with or willing to chat with has a good behaviour and is mature.

4.Do Keep Secrets:- Not everything should be said online to a friend. Sometimes it is good to keep those secrets about you or others limited to yourself. You never know what hints you give a bad person mistakenly about you or others close to you.

Chatting on social networks

Some of the social network messaging apps are:-

Difference Between Messaging and Chatting

Messaging is a text based communication with no guarantee of getting a reply back. Messaging serves a very small scope and it is considered as a sub-part  of chatting.It could be thought as a text left for a person to see and does not expect to get a reply back.

Chatting is an active form of communication where both the parties reply to each other’s messages. It often guarantees a reply from another party but sometimes not. Chatting can done in the form of voice chat/videos chat/text based chat.

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