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BTW FULL FORM IN CHAT ROOMS -Full-Form of Abbreviations Used in Chatting –

BTW Full-Form of Abbreviations Used While Chatting

Usage of Short forms for long words or sentences has become very common in today’s Chat world. These short forms have become too handy and reduce the effort of typing long words while making the required sense.

For a new user, these chat abbreviations are often puzzling. Hence, this short article will be helpful for users to understand and become familiar with such confusing short forms used in chats on various conversations.

It should be noted that certain abbreviations are not only limited to the chat world, but the same can also have different meanings and usages in other areas or fields (It could relate to any company name, medical terminology, or any technical term, etc.)

Full form of BTW:

In terms of Chatting, the full form of the abbreviation “BTW” is “By the way”.

This phrase is commonly used when a user wants to change the ongoing topic of conversation.

There are different instances when a person wishes to shift to another topic from the current one:

  • BTW is often used among new users to begin introducing themselves after they are done with their greetings. E.g., To know where the person is from or what he does, etc.
  • Using BTW can help you shift a conversation when you are not interested or liking the present topic being discussed.
  • BTW can be used when you want to remind someone about something promised or just to recall an earlier discussion by stating “BTW, do you …”
  • You can follow up with someone about a meeting or resolution of any important query, by using the phrase “By the way” to begin asking questions about the matter.

Do you use the term “BTW” while chatting?

If yes, share with us (in the comments section) the most common scenario when you often use it!

BTW full form in chat in hindi

– By The Way

– वैसे (vaise)

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