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Cracking the Dream – Job Interview | Job interview questions

We live in a competitive age in which we must compete in practically every area of our lives.

The golden rule of survival of the strongest applies everywhere. Employment market also

getting towards same concept of survival of the strongest.

One job has been applied for by a thousand people, and at least a few hundred individuals are

interviewed to produce a shortlist, resulting in a total in the single digits.

One of them would be qualified for last round of interview .

Job interview script:

Interviews, no matter how many you have, maybe nerve-racking. You put on your best clothes, print out your résumé, and remember yourself to grin big–

and just when you think everything is going great, the interviewer throws a strikeout question at you that you weren’t expecting.

So, when it comes to job interviews, the key is to prepare thoroughly and to be confident in your abilities.

Here are a few interview pointers to help you to get through the interview process and land your dream job. Let us split the job-hunting process into three stages:

  • Before the interview,
  • On the actual Interview Day, and
  • After the interview.

Preparation Before the Interview/Job interview conversation :

Applying for Jobs:

Before applying for any job, thoroughly read the job profile and understand the prerequisites.

Apply to the job only if you believe you meet the employment criteria mentioned.,,,, LinkedIn, Glassdoor, Times Jobs, and many more are popular job search platforms in India.


Your Curriculum Vitae (C. V.)/Job Resume:

To construct your resume, select a professional and up-to-date design.

When submitting your application for any job, keep in mind that your experience and credentials are pertinent to the position you’ve applied for.

Mention just what is factual about your accomplishments and interests.

It would be ideal if you could provide supporting certifications or documentation to back up anything you’ve said in your profile.


Interview Invite Call – Job interview experience:

When you receive a call for arrangement an interview, make sure to check all the details with the coordinator about time,

the venue, contact person, dress code, the format and rounds of interview and all the required papers (accepted id cards and/or academic certificates) to be carried along with.


Research and updates on the firm:

Gather all basic and relevant information about the company from its website or other portals.

Analyze the most recent information available, such as its history, locations, market status, viability, employee reviews, and so on.


Preparation for Interview Questions:

Thoroughly prepare for the most popular questions asked in an interview.

Prepare questions concerning your subject of study as well as questions about the job you’re applying for.

If there is a technical round, practice well and review all your notions and learnings regarding the application/software.


It’s finally here! – On the Actual Interview Day – Job interview tips

Dress formally but comfortably

Sleep well at night in order to appear fresh on the day of the interview.

Choose a formal, basic, light-colored outfit to wear. Maintain a neat and well-groomed appearance.


Be on time

You must arrive at the interview location well in advance so that you can easily complete the

registration and other pre-interview obligations.

Arriving late is not recommended since you will have to hurry through the processes and will not have enough time

to settle down before commencing your interview rounds/process.


Be confident:

While you wait for your turn, be aware of what is going on around you and maintain a confident attitude on your face.

If you have any questions concerning the interview rounds or the structure, don’t be afraid to ask.

The Interview:


Throughout the interview, you will be supervised by a coordinator to follow the procedures of the interview rounds as you go.

The HR or Manager will interview you in a face to face interaction round if there is just one round. Answer all the questions truthfully and confidently.

If you are asked a topic with which you are unfamiliar, don’t be afraid to admit that you don’t know

the answer rather than offering an incorrect answer or simply ducking the matter.

After your encounter with the interviewer, you may ask questions regarding the corporate culture, job position, follow-up rounds, and so on before leaving.

This demonstrates your genuine interest in getting hired and working for that organization, which also sets you apart from the rest.


After the interview:

Once you have completed your interview, you may be informed immediately whether you have been selected for the job role or not.

Whether the results are to be communicated later through phone, make sure to ask the coordinator

how many days you will receive the result call and if there will be any more rounds of interview after you are selected.

It is critical to write a thank you email to the manager or interview organizer for their effort and time in conducting your interview.

I hope that all the above suggestions will be useful to you while you are preparing for a job interview.


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