Full-Form of Abbreviations Used in Chatting – NYC

NYC (Nice) Meaning in chat – Full-Form of NYC:

NYC is a short form that is used for many different words. Some of the probable full forms/definitions of NYC could be New York City, Not Your Concern, No You Can’t, Nice, etc. However, it is important to understand in what sense it has been applied.

For instance, if someone comments on your picture on Facebook saying “NYC”.

It could have either of the two implications mentioned below:

It could mean “nice” if the person finds your picture to be beautiful, he might be paying a compliment to it.

If the picture belongs to the city of New York. In that case, NYC might relate to the name of the place “New York City

NYC Meaning in chat – Full-Form of NYC in chatting

However, in the realm of online chat or messaging on wats App, Facebook, Instagram, Telegram, Twitter, and so on, the short form – “NYC” is generally used in place of the four-letter word “Nice” which means beautiful, Pleasing, or enjoyable. In Hindi it means, सुहाना या आनंदप्रद.

BTW Full Form in Chat Rooms

NYC meaning in india ( NICE)

Nyc meaning in ChatRooms ( Bahut Acha ) Bahut badiya, Ati sundar, Mast, Takatak, ati uttam,

The Full meaning of nyc

nice words Chatting me

Nyc meaning in instagram

The word Nice is used everywhere in the chatroom, especially in Instagram chatting,

the word Nice is used more, people keep using this word to praise each other,

apart from Instagram, people use it on Facebook Google. People write nyc to nice to save their time

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