Codychat and Chatsoman

Codychat and Chatsoman

Chatsoman and 123FlashChat

Hey there, you might have understood by the title what this article is about. Yes, now Chatsoman’s chat rooms are CodyChat based. As we know Adobe Flash’s life has 

came to end on 31,2020 and now flash is no longer supported in many browsers and 

It’s also rare to find software that could flash support. And the 123 Flash chat was heavily

dependent on Flash Players, and there was also no sign the developer of 123 flash chat 

looking to make it independent of flash players.

Codychat and Chatsoman

ChatSoman and CodyChat

So, it was now time chatsoman also adapt to new technologies which are trendy among the users

To provide the best for its users. Chatsoman’s rooms are now CodyChat based.

The coolest thing about CodyChat is It is user-friendly!!. CodyChat is independent

of flash and supported by every browser. You don’t have to install anything to

use it, you just need a browser and that’s it, with such small requirements

you can access all features of CodyChat.

Codychat and Chatsoman

CodyChat Features

There is so much in CodyChat for its users to have a good time in its chatroom. You

have so many options that you can’t resist chatting in a CodyChat.

Video Chat:- CodyChat gives the option of video chat/video conference. With Jitsi’s powerful

Video call service. It provides high-quality video calling. Jitsi’s AI algorithms

don’t just provide high video calling but also adjust its video quality

according to users’ data speed, bandwidth, etc….

Codychat and Chatsoman

Free chat now

Voice Chat:- These amazing chat rooms also provide the feature of voice which is fully-fledged to support every device with MIC Support. Now you no longer have to travel for voice chat to other 100 sites. With the CodyChats Voice Chats feature, you’ll have a great experience with your partner/friend/stranger, no more voice breaks, and all other problems that may cause you to have a bad experience with the other person.

GIF Sharing and Youtube Search

Codychat and Chatsoman

GIF Sharing and Youtube Search: These are some of the most amazing features

of a chat room. Many of us love sharing GIFS while chatting to express our

happiness, sadness, etc… all such feelings without saying a word. Eazy GIF access,

search, awesome and trendy GIFS are what is expected by a user from a chat room.

Here it is with the support of powerful and flexible APIs of Giphy CodyChat provides

the best service for GIF sharing. You’ll get the best results for your search with the

Giphy API. You’ll find GIFs that  are trendy in

social networks and the internet.

Codychat and Chatsoman

Today YouTube is one of the world’s best video sharing/streaming platforms owned by Google. Most of the time try to share a song, movie, or entertaining video with the other person we are talking to share our interest or knowledge with him/her. CodyChat with the help of YouTube API provides an option for its users to Search, Play, Share YouTube Videos on the YouTube platform.

Multi text fonts and Colours Option

Multi text fonts and Colours Option:- Using cool and nice-looking text

fonts in a text chat conversation always give a different feeling while chatting

rather than the usual and same every time everywhere. You can choose from

various text fonts and colors that suit you better. Neon and Gradient are

some of the cool colors for a text conversation you can choose from them too!!

File-Sharing:- To support users’ needs and not have to travel or share our personal ID or anything to share a file with the person or any stranger CodyChat even has the feature of file sharing. Sometimes we want to share some file or image with a stranger or a person without sharing our hangout or another id with someone we can choose to share it with the CodyChat File Sharing feature.


More Features Of CodyChat.

In the previous section, we talked about some of the trendy and most liked features of CodyChat. But CodyChat is not limited to these, In fact, CodyChat is limitless we will talk about this in a later section. Now let’s look at what more CodyChat has to provide by default.

Various theme options, Nice looking interface, Radio Station, News Panel, Private Messages, Customised Username, Mood and About me section, etc… are some of the coolest features of CodyChat which make it, even more, user friendly and give a feeling of social media sites.

Codychat and Chatsoman

CodyChat for Developers and other Chat  Room Owners

CodyChat’s Free software behavior is a blessing to the chatting community and also to developers who have experience with other chat software.

Note:- Free software does not mean free of cost, it’s the liberty of a developer/person or a chat room owner to freely  run, copy, distribute, study, change and improve the software

Addons For Chat Room

Addons:This is one of the most loved features of CodyChat, it tremendously reduces the stress and work of many developers and chats site owners. As the name suggests this feature of CodyChat allows us to equip chat rooms with features in an extended way. This feature is even used by some of the most popular software Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, etc in such software this feature is known as either Addon or Extension which allows its users to extend its features beyond the limit and adjust them according to our needs!!.


In CodyChat many best developers from all around the world can submit their own codes/addons/extensions to make it easy for other developers. Having such a feature is very useful as it reduces the time and energy required for writing the same code for common features required by many chat rooms. Before starting to write code for additional features for your chat room it is a best practice to look once in the official site of CodyChat Club( Here you may find the ready-made code for the same feature you are trying to add to your chat room.

Meme Chat Keyboard

By this, you can save your time and get your job done by writing zero or very few lines of code. But never forget to contribute, if you’re taking something from the community then also try to contribute to the community, with this we can help each other and grow the chat experience for all users around the world.

You can find various trending and useful addons from their official website. All Addons are categorized for easy to search and download,  you can download from them according to your need.

Extensible nature of CodyChat:- As we said earlier CodyChat is limitless. This is due to its free software nature. It means you can add custom code or hire someone to add and adjust CodyChat according to your need. You can add many more features in CodyChat. Without having to pay more. It’s a one-time payment for a license for CodyChat and it’s all yours. Not just addons you can even edit its source files and keep equipping your chat with other cool and awesome features.


CodyChat and its Security measures and features

CodyChat is mostly written in PHP language. Which is a good language for server-side programming. 

On top of that, it uses Ioncube Loader which is a trusted PHP extension that provides extra protection to chat rooms.

CodyChat supports stable and latest versions of PHP (7.2 or 7.4)to install and run properly which is also a good practice as in the latest version some of the known bugs and security flaws of PHP are fixed.

CodyChat is written with the security of the site and its users kept in mind. Some of the popular attacks such as XSS, Remote Code Injection, etc are still not found in CodyChats.


To check the demo of CodyChat visit

How to install a CodyChat Addon?

In this section we will talk about how different installation of addons takes place. Each addon has some different way of installing it. Some are easy to install, some are difficult. But for right now we will walk through some common and most used addons of CodyChat and understand these addons, if there are impacts on the server after installing this addon?

You should always understand what an addon does before installing it. Things could turn out bad if it is a badly written addon. It could create stress and unnecessary load on the server and it will affect your user experience. Here will walk through some overview and not a very technical deep dive.

CodyChat Gift Addon Download

We will first start by downloading the addon and then how to install this addon. I will highly recommend downloading gist addon from their official site codychat. club . Click codcychat. club it will redirect you to the download page of gift addon. 

Register CodyChat Club Account

Before downloading you should have an account registered with To register an account with codychat club. Follow these steps….

1.Visit their official site.

Registration Page - Chatsoman


Click the “Sign Up” button highlighted in blue.

2. Fill out required information for registration and provide a valid email to receive a validation email.

Registration Form - Chatsoman

After filling information click “Create My Account”.

3. Email Confirmation Page

CodyChat Registration - Chatsoman

After clicking “Create My Account” you will be redirected to this page to continue validating your email address by opening your email inbox of provided email.

4. Validating Email Address

CodyChat Registration - Chatsoman

You will get stuck here. What is this? CodyChat Club people Approve each account manually. This could take about a week or month depending on them. Just wait for a few days and come back and try logging in and check if your provided username and password works or not.

After getting your account approved you are good to go 🙂

CodyChat Gift Addon Download Link

To download codychat latest Gift Addon visit their official site.

CodyChat Gift Addon Installation

After downloading Gift Addon Successfully our next step is to install this addon. We will walk through the process with images for better visual understanding.

Step 1: Extract downloaded ZIP file in addon directory.

CodyChat - Chatsoman

Navigate to the addons folder, where you have installed your codychat. In the normal case it should look like this .

After extracting it should give you a gifts folder which contains all the required files.

Step 2: Install Gifts Addon From Admin Panel

Install Gift Addon - Chatsoman

After extracting the ZIP file in the addons folder simply navigate to your admin panel. Click Manage Addons and it should show you something like this.

Click Install to Install Gifts Addon.

Step 3: Configure “Limit this feature to section”.

Configure Addon - Chatsoman

Here after installation you will see something like this. Here you have two options: Settings and Uninstall.

To Uninstall this addon anytime just Click Uninstall.

CodyChat - Chatsoman

Settings option will help you to limit this feature to a specific type or rank of user.

That’s it now go to your chat room and verify if addon is working successfully or not.

Step 4: Verify if it is installed successfully or not.

Verify Addon - Chatsoman

You should now see an extra option “Send Gift” after Clicking someone’s profile image.

Overall CodyChat is a Cherry on top if you are looking for a chat room/site. You Should definitely try Chatsoman’s CodyChat rooms it has all you need. If it doesn’t have and you feel like it is missing some features and needs to be added you are always most welcome also if you feel like suggesting something or want to complain about chat rooms you can post your Suggestions/Complaints on Chatsoman’s Suggestion Page.

Also, check out our other blogs and articles. Visit chatsoman’s chat rooms at this link “Chatroom and tell us how you like it on the Suggestion page from the above-given link.

Note:- Please be respectful while providing suggestions or complaints. Chatsoman’s Community members are always looking to hear from you. By this, you can help CHATSOMAN improve more.

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