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70% of us know about the Dark Web and many of us are curious about chat rooms of the Dark Web.

There are many people out there who wanna chat in chat rooms of dark web and explore the mysterious world of Dark Web.

Most of the people want to visit the Dark Web just to explore and see what’s going on there.

The Best way to get started is to get to know people who have been visiting the Dark Web for years.

This can really help you know the dark web faster and in a better way. People who have visited the Dark Web

for years have some good or bad experiences towards it. It would be very interesting to know about their

experience on the dark web. Or some spooky things have happened to them. Meeting such people with dark web experience could be tough.

Enter Dark Web Chat Room




Chatsoman Dark Web Chat Room


Yes you heard it right dark web chat rooms are one of the special chat rooms of chatsoman.

Unlike other chat rooms on dark web where there chat sites are very difficult to find, we spend most

of our time just to find a forum or a chat rooms where we can chat with people with already Dark Web

experience and where we could exchange dark web links to see what’s more hidden in the world’s most mysterious internet place called Dark Web.

But finding such sites is a challenge in itself. And also accessing Dark Web sites requires a different methodology than a normal one. 

Dark Web Chat Rooms - Chatsoman

Why is finding Dark Web sites a challenge in itself?


As we talked previously, finding dark web sites is a challenge in itself. But you might be wondering,

what’s so challenging here?. I can just google about Dark Web Chat rooms and start chatting there.

If you are new to the Dark Web world and don’t  know much about Dark Web sites I’ll tell you some bonus tips about such sites.

Visit Dark Web Chat Room

1.Dark Web sites are onion based websites

What is an onion based website ?. 

Onion based websites are ones which end with .onion extension.

For example, in normal circumstances when we visit a site the link

or the domain of the site looks like “google.com”, “example.org”, “chatsoman.com”,etc.

But an interesting thing about onion based websites is their domain looks something like this 


And such sites are not indexed by search engines like google.

Therefore finding such a site requires a lot of time.


2. Not all websites are genuine on Dark Web

Where to find Dark Web links?

Dark Web links can be found on websites like “Hidden Wiki”,etc.

Such sites preserve links on their sites like a directory where you can find desired links distributed according to various categories.


Sites like this can help you or forum sites like Quora or Reddit can give you some more but

such links are not reliable because most either won’t work or their response time is very bad.


Or in case they do work they are mostly likely fake,closed or a hacker controlled domain.

Such websites aim to get you personal information or inject some zero days on your browser or

steal contents of your clipboard. Only some of the sites are truly genuine and work better.

But also finding better sites among so many bogus sites or closed sites is very time consuming.


3. Slow website response.

Tor VPN Relay

Tor Relay - Chatsoman

If in case you were successful in finding a website that is genuine and also filled with better people,

no fraudsters, no scammers and also where there are no hacking attempts going on in the wild.


The one thing that might stop you from getting a better chat experience on Dark Web is the response

time or request time on Dark Web. This is one of the major factors that affects chatting experience on Dark Web. And you can’t do anything about it. 

Enter Chat Room

Tor browsers use a concept of VPN relay / Proxy relay where your connection bounces from one point

to another to give you safer access to a site. When you send a request to a site in the first place your request

is bounced from once proxy to another and then it reaches the server and again to server response to reach

to you again same bouncing of the response takes place for response to reach to you.


All this tremendously increases the time span of communication between client and server which is good from a safety point of view but not good for a cheating experience.


There are various other factors to that disturbes chatting experience on Dark Web sites.

Dark Web Chat Rooms - Chatsoman

How does Chatsoman’s Dark Web chat rooms solve these problems?


A better way to find Dark Web links / A better way to explore Dark Web.


Chatsoman is a chat based site. The webmasters of chatsoman along with other Dark Web explorers

and also analysing such problems regarding Dark Web decided to do something about it and make

people comfortable with chatting on Dark Web. Since chatoman’s goal is to connect people all

over the world keeping in mind their health, privacy and security….


Chatsoman provides a special Chatroom for Dark Web users or anyone who wants to talk about their

feelings without being poked or interrupted. Along with other special chat rooms of chatsoman chat rooms

like honeychat, Wonder Chat,etc. Dark Web chat rooms have different rules and regulations very

different from other chat rooms to give people a special space for their chatting experience.


Advantages of Chatsoman’s Dark Web Chat Rooms


  1. Low restrictive regarding desired chatting

  1. Fast responsive servers 

  2. Very low risk of privacy breach

  3. Easy to use and search(Because it is indexed by search engine giants like Google,  Bing, Aol, DuckDuckgo,etc.)

  4. No need for any type of Tor relay or VPN(But if you want you can still use it)

  5. No need of special browser like Tor Browser to access Chat Rooms

  6. Trusted by Malware Detectors / Antivirus Companies like McAfee, VirusTotal,etc.

  7. Much more features than a Dark Web Chat room.


There are more than these advantages listed here. There is so much to explore in chatsoman.

It doesn’t just provide chat rooms but also tips and tricks on how to chat with strangers, girls, boys,etc. To improve your chatting experience even more.


To know more visit CodyChat Blog.


How to use Chatsoman like a Dark Web Chatroom?

Now let’s talk about how chatsoman could stand out among other dark web chat rooms and

how we can relate these advantages to a Dark Web chat room.


First of all Chatsoman doesn’t have a .onion domain which is its plus point and the other thing

is that this chat room is to help people explore Dark Web and share their experience on Dark Web.


The way you can use chatsoman is very interesting. Like you can communicate with other explorers

and get tips from them about how you can have a better experience on Dark Web or what are the other

hidden ways you can access Dark Web which only few people might know how to access Dark Web faster and also stay safe.


You can ask other people about other hidden links they know which exist on the dark web but are

not listed on a Hidden Wiki site. Yes it’s true such sites can’t give you the whole of what is

present on the Dark Web, it can give you some or very low percentage of what’s present there.


To counter this you can ask other Dark Web users if they know or have saved any onion site in their

directory in this way you can explore the dark web in a better way.

Later on you can also visit that site too and explore onion sites.


Or if you don’t wanna visit dark web just looking to share your experience with others or meet other

explorers or wanna hear from a professional dark web explorer, etc.

You can still use chatsoman as a platform to do so. 


Sharing links, Dark Web videos, Audios, etc. can be done using chatsoman.

All such cool stuff without being in fear of being hacked or getting your privacy exploited you can use this site.


Chatsoman provides a platform to help connect Dark Web people and make surfing dark

web easy somewhat by chatting and getting links from some professionnel dark web users.

By this your dark web links directory is not limited to Hidden Wiki links.

Start Chatting

About Me

I am an old surfer of the dark web. It’s been almost 3 years and I have seen many things on the dark web.

Name it any creepy thing you can imagine, except for an alien proof or a r*d room.

But at some level I have explored the Dark Web and what I think is that there’s more there

in the Dark Web waiting for us to be explored. Many people or influencers may say that it’s all

fake about the Dark Web. There’s nothing creepy out there, just some rumours, etc. 

I’m sure these people haven’t explored the Dark Web much, because I’ve seen things

what’s out there and I’m sure there’s more to be explored.

The more I discover from the Dark Web, The more I realise I know little about the Dark Web.


Bonus Tip

Not just Dark Web there’s more to explore in Surface Web too.

We really haven’t seen the surface Web to the fullest.

There are some spoilt things on the surface Web too.


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