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Free Online Desi Chat Room

चैटिंग स्टार्ट करें 

चैट करो अनलाइन  


देसी चैट रूम में आपका स्वागत है यह एक फ्री चैट रूम है आपको चैट करने के लिए अपना गेस्ट अकाउंट या

रजिस्टर अकाउंट  से चैट करे, ये है नई चैट रूम वेबसाईट है कृपया अपने दोस्तों के साथ इसको शेयर करें,

और फेस्बूक पर भी शेयर करें, ताकि जादा से जादा लोग इसको जॉइन

करे सकें 


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Desi Chat Rooms

Join Indian Desi Dating Online Dating community today for free and become the part of thousands

who have become new friends through dating online. Registering is very easy with no membership or

fee at all. All you need to do is just click on the button “I love Indian Desi’s” to get started. No one

knows you better than Indian people, so start sharing your life now.


Indian Desi Chat Room is very unique compared to the western world. This is FREE desi chat room so

many individuals online everyday without pay and without registration with absolutely no waiting

you’re welcome in Indian, Pakistani, north asian countries where everyone is speaking local language.

Registering is very easy with no registration or fee at all. All you need to do is just click on the button

“I love Indian desi’s” to get started. No one knows you better than Indian’s so start sharing your life now.

This free Indian chat room has hundreds of thousands of desi’s from all around the country,

all you need to do to start chatting with them is to tell them your name, age, location where you live and how long you’ve been abroad.



Everyday, thousands of pakistani’s from all around the country join this desi chat room and talk about their lives,

their families, their love life and anything else they feel like chatting about. Most people who join this chat are those

who want to find their love, family or just someone to share their life with and become best friends. The good thing

about a Pakistani person is that, even if you speak only in your local language you’ll be able to communicate with him

or her easily through a local language dating site. It is really true that nothing will make a Pakistani happier than

being able to make friends with a local who speaks his or her native language fluently.

Video Chat

So how exactly do you access this free desi chat room? Like most things on the internet it’s

all done through the web browser. Simply go to the site, register for an account with the username

you choose (usually something funny like “haha” or “hope”) and start chatting. You’ll notice

that all your friends from high school or college are already there. Some have probably moved

to a new city or state so if they’re not your friends now they might be your new best friends.

Best to start interacting with the younger generation first, as they’re more likely to use English when chatting.


You can usually ask your new friends out to lunch or dinner to make friends so that you can meet

open minded people. You’ll probably find that the Pakistani men and women speak English very little.

That’s a good thing since a lot of these guys and girls don’t really know a lot about fashion or western

culture. The only way you’re going to meet people of the opposite sex that speak English like you is

through the dating sites. You can also chat rooms that cater to people who like Indian music, movies, TV shows, etc.

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Once you’ve met a few people in the Desi chat rooms you might feel like hanging out with

them more often. They also have a tendency to hang out with other Pakistani expats and

meet open minded people who have the same interests as you. Just because you’re originally

from Pakistan doesn’t mean you have to limit your social life to just your native country.

For example, I love hanging out at the bingo halls at the casinos because I always end up

winning more money on the slots than I do at the craps. There are also so many other games you can play in these chat rooms that you’ll soon be addicted!


Another good thing about a Desi chat rooms is that they encourage people from all over to communicate with each other. Unlike America and the UK where you tend to see a bunch of the same people, if you hang out in one of these chat rooms you will meet a lot more variety. For example, I love hanging out in the Desi chat rooms because there are people from Pakistan, India, Bangladesh, Iran, and other countries that I would love to get to know better. You’ll even run into people from your high school days! We were all just in grade school!


You should definitely try a few Desi chat rooms out. They have a pretty decent chat conversation atmosphere with everyone. Plus you have an increased chance of meeting someone that actually likes you for your personality. Plus it’s good to hang out with people from your same country because it makes it easier to talk to them about their own country too. It’s a win/win situation for all!

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