Ethical Living | List any 5 ethical Values that are Essential for Living

Ethical living is a way of living a healthy life with moral values and principles. In today’s world almost everyone wants to live a luxurious and happy life with working less. So they could spend time on something they feel fun doing, it could be anything like playing games, spending time with their loved ones, eating delicious food, etc. Or it could be something related to their dark fantasies or anything.


No matter what we do the one thing we should always remember is having some principle in our lives. A person without principle cannot be trusted or if the person has some unethical belief system i.e, he believes in something that might hurt someone in an ethical way but might not be wrong in a legal way, any kind of relationship with such people can cost you might not in the present but in the future.Such people always care about themselves or something they wanna get done for their profit. And they are not good for the long run.

Ethical Living

Many people might have experienced such people around them that makes them feel they are being used, or even sometimes they do something with you that might not be legally wrong but they are definitely wrong ethically. It even sometimes includes hurting someone’s feelings. It may sound like we are not responsible for someone else’s feelings but somewhere we are responsible for it. But remember not always we should care about someone’s feelings but sometimes we should.

When a bad person feels bad because of you because you did something to them they always deserved, at such times it’s good. We should not feel bad. But if you’re hunting someone  who was always there with you in your hard times or always tried to make you feel good, it’s always bad. It depends on the situation. We should be smart enough to understand who is your friend and who is your foe.

What is ethical living

Ethical way of living is a way that just not focuses on living a positive life but also to let others live a happy life. There are some situations in which your friend suddenly becomes your enemy or someone you trust tries to betray you. The reason such people do this is either they wanna make you feel low or they are looking at the profit they’ll get by doing this. For example, if you and your manager both are working on the same project. But you are making some mistakes and sometimes your manager as well.

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But since your manager is your senior he always points out your mistakes to you and one day decides to remove you. You had done very well in other projects but for this one you didn’t do it well but there’s another person that was good at it and he did better than you. Now removing an employee from a company because he failed might sound legal. What’s so wrong with it ? But, removing someone from your company just because he wasn’t good at one thing but better at other is a bad idea as well as unethical. This same goes for relationships breaking up with someone or forgetting someone from your life because they weren’t good at one thing but were good at others is also unethical.

Ethical Living

In our life we should always give a second chance to everyone if they believe and realise their mistakes and work on it. Our morals and principles help us to live a healthy life but  our unethical behaviours could affect others too. It might sound like being bad is so cool but the truth is it’s the person’s insecurity that makes him/her feel that way. They are hiding something that makes them feel insecure. Like when a bully bullies someone they are trying to show others they are strong because somewhere inside them they believe they are weak or they have faced some situations that made them feel they are weak.

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Make some principles in your life that might make you feel proud that you’re not like most of the people in this people that believes being bad is cool. And always trying to hide your insecurities. It’s not bad to fail at something. We all have faced failure in our life in some path of our lives. The question is how you will bounce back to such things. Sometimes it is better we accept the fact that I have failed in this and try to learn from it like, what went wrong ? How could have it gotten better ?, Is there still a way I can fix this ?

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