Fabulous Meaning in hindi – Fabulous February

Fabulous Meaning in hindi  – Fabulous February

क्या आप फरवरी के महीने में जनम हुआ हैं या यह आपका दोस्त है या आपका के साथी का?

फरवरी में जन्मा व्यक्ति  या तो कुंभ या मीन राशि का होता है – जिनका जन्म 1 फरवरी से 18 फरवरी के बीच हुआ है, उनके राशि कुंभ होती  है, जबकि इस महीने के अंत में जन्म लेने वाले मीन राशि के होते हैं।

जानिए कुछ ऐसे दिलचस्प गुण जो आकाश के तारे फरबरी  के बारे में बताते हैं। चाहे इसे न मानें या उन्हें पूरी तरह से सच मानें या इसे आंशिक रूप से स्वीकार करें या इसे पूरी तरह से अवहेलना करें, हम मानते हैं कि आप सबसे अच्छे न्यायाधीश हैं! फिर भी, यह एक मजेदार पढ़ने लायक है 😊

Fascinating facts about the February born People

Are you the one born in the month of February or Is it your friend or your partner?

February-born is either an Aquarius or a Pisces – The ones who are born between February 1 and February 18 have the star sign Aquarius, while those born later in this month are Pisces.

Know some interesting qualities that the Stars in the sky indicate about the Febbies. Whether to believe it not or to deem them completely true or to accept it partly or to disregard it completely, we believe you are the best judge! Nevertheless, it’s worth a fun read 😊

Fabulous Meaning in hindi

Friendship Day 2022

  • Violet and Primrose are their birth flowers while Amethyst is their birthstone
  • They get quite close to people sensitively
  • Rare and special, who are born on the 29th celebrate their birthday once in every four years
  • They are taller and cleverer
  • They are creative, unique, and original, never believe in duplicating someone else’s ideas
  • Cold weather Kids are calmer (much behaved)
  • These people are likely to be unbelievably blunt and candid
  • They could be very Considerate, attentive, and kind-hearted
  • No wonder, they are very loyal, devoted, and committed when it comes to any relationship
  • They are real fighters who love facing challenges and achieving goals with their powerful determination
  • They are pretty innovative and experts in thinking out of the box
  • There are more chances of them, being famous personalities
  • Alert! February born don’t make good pair with May born, they say. Their connections could be “fiery”
  • They are introverts by nature, enjoy being in their own company yet never feel lonely

What strikes your mind first when you think of the month of February?

Is it all of these? – The month of Love, Valentine’s Day, couple, boyfriend, girlfriend, flowers, roses, hearts, red colour, gifts, parties, celebrations, etc.

Although this is not all, did you know some other interesting facts associated with this month?

Here it goes:

  • February originates from the Latin word “Februum” meaning purification. Hence, It’s not only a month of love but also a month of Purification.
  • February is one of the most common misspelled words in the English language
  • This is the shortest month of the year consisting of 28 or 29 days (if leap year)
  • There is no other month in the Calendar that can go without having a full moon, but February.
  • Ever noticed? These three months – November, March, and February, the first day of these months will always be on the same day of the week provided,February is not a leap year.

Valentines’ week – 2022 is arriving soon!

Now that, we are nearing the week of love around the corner, we want you not to miss any moment of celebration, that you could spend with your special loved ones.

Take the opportunity to impress your partner while you confess your feelings to him/her this Valentine’s Day

Prepare for it well in advance and show off your love and affection with gifts, cards, chocolates, flowers, love messages, dates, surprises, for your special one.

Grab your pens and note these special days of Valentines’ week, that you would love to celebrate with your partner and friends.

Fabulous Meaning in hindi


  • 7 February 2022 | Monday | Rose Day
  • 8 February 2022 | Tuesday | Propose Day
  • 9 February 2022 | Wednesday | Chocolate Day
  • 10 February 2022 | Thursday | Teddy Day
  • 11 February 2022 | Friday | Promise Day
  • 12 February 2022 | Saturday | Hug Day
  • 13 February 2022 | Sunday | Kiss Day
  • 14 February 2022 | Monday | Valentine’s Day


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