Perfect Human Being in the World

Perfect Human being in the World

If you will deep think about the word perfect, no one is entirely perfect. Everyone has their downside.

An individual who can satisfy your assumptions may be ideal for you; however, a similar individual probably won’t be suitable for another person.

Being altogether without issue or deformity is known as an ideal individual. The word “perfect” does not apply to anyone. Everybody has a space to develop. On the off chance that we would be all ideal, there is zero chance to learn. An individual who advances nothing new regular is simply inadequate regarding the essential embodiment of life.

It’s simply your outlook for someone else. An individual who can satisfy your assumptions may be ideal for you, yet a similar individual probably won’t be suitable for another person.

There are two methods for checking individuals out

The first is that nobody is better/ideal and the second is that everybody is excellent.

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Nature made all creatures equal to live life happily. Just think about the other animals on the earth like a crow, Deer, dogs, fish, zebras, or elephants… are they not perfect?

We always accept that they are perfect and never ask questions because we assume they are excellent except human beings.

From my point of view, the origin of discomfort over a person is to think that the individual is ideal or not for them. We are so much caught by our conviction of defect/fault that not just others accept that we are not perfect; however, when all is said and done, after that, we too believe and accept the fact that we are imperfect.

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Indeed, we are so sure of the defect legend that we also trust that anything we do in our life, we can never be excellent. The issue is that we can constantly try to be great (which we realize we can never be) and make our life hopeless.

Till now, there is no proper concept of perfection yet to follow. Nobody is great. We may begin appreciating them, or we start begrudging them. The justification behind both is the equivalent since they have all the earmarks of being great.


Here are the qualities of a perfect Human being

Perfect human being in the world


  • The Someone who has imperfections.
  • Someone who knows how to acknowledge their imperfections
  • Who knows how to live with their flaws.
  • Someone who accepts that flawlessness lies in tolerating

   Likes their life.

  • Who Commits his errors.
  • Who looks forward after their objectives.
  • Someone who Trusts in giving more than getting.
  • Anyone /Someone who Is a practical kind of individual.
  • Someone respectful.
  • Who works for humankind.
  • Someone with decent and lovely nature.
  • Someone who knows how to manage outrage

We are, on the whole amazing as we are, as are others.

You are the only ideal individual in your life. Except if you accept this and trust yourself, you will be in the bogus expectation and wrong inquiry of somebody who is ideally suited for you.

Perfection isn’t based on somebody’s activity; it’s genuinely based upon their loving nature towards others and knowing how to acknowledge their imperfections. Everybody is excellent if you have an extraordinary heart inside to feel their perfection.


Perfection can only be felt; it cannot be found in appearance.

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