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Mobile Friendly

A mobile friendly chat rooms for people from all over world and also people from india. Mobile friendliness is one of the crucial needs of a chat room and Chatsoman has it all what it needs to make it mobile friendly. Scroll, swipe, smart touch, voice chat for mobile phones,etc. all such are supported for every mobile device you use regardless of the brand and configuration. 

Speed Loading Chat rooms

 When it comes to speed there are hardly few chat sites that could beat indian chat rooms of chatsoman. Fully optimised chat rooms which also reduces your mobile data and storage usage. Easy to switch between tabs with speed loading power of chatsoman indian chat rooms. No need to worry about data usage. Our chat rooms flush messages after few minutes which reduces the overhead produced by stored messages.

Multi Indian Language Support.

Our chat rooms also support various fonts , calligraphy, writing style of different languages spoken in india. You can speak in different languages with your own language writing style not just in english. Indian chat rooms are also divided into multiple sub rooms to provide different chat rooms for different countries , states , cities,etc.

There are some additional interesting chat rooms too which provides other interesting concept of chatting.

Features of indian chat rooms

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